Thrive! Summit

About 400 Nova Scotians attended the 2014 Thrive! Summit, “Pathways to Thriving Communities,” on September 22-23 in Halifax.

It was an opportunity for Nova Scotians from a variety of organizations across the province to come together to share and learn from one another and other experts as we work to create vibrant healthy communities.


Keynote presentations

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Gathering Report

Read the Summit 2014 Report or Summit 2014 Report Executive Summary which provide an overview of the gathering and feedback provided following the event.

This report of the first Thrive! Summit in September 2014 is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Brenda Zimmerman. As a keynote speaker at the event, she shared her passion and insight into complexity theory as it relates to Thrive! The wealth of experience and knowledge that Dr. Zimmerman imparted to this gathering will help shape the way we work to create a healthier Nova Scotia. We are thankful to have had the opportunity to learn from her, and we join her many colleagues in grieving her untimely death on December 16, 2014.