Come Alive at Thrive! Presentations


Come Alive at Thrive! 15 Minutes of Fame presentations and The Gallery displays




Presentation Title

1. Capital Health

Lisa Sutherland & Sarah Manley Low Cost Cooking Together with Local Food Banks (PDF)

2.Capital Health  and Halifax Regional Municipality

Ali Shaver & David MacIsaac

Developing a Complete Streets Policy for Halifax Through Collaboration (PDF)

3. Central Nova Scotia Breastfeeding Coalition

Leah Poirier

Rebuilding a Supportive Breastfeeding Culture (PDF)

4. Colchester East Hants Health Authority

Annick Arseneau

Introducing Good Food Nova Scotia (PDF)

5. Cumberland Health Authority and Town of Springhill

Trudy Reid & Rachel Little

Gettin’ Healthy Springhill - a Healthy Town Project Supporting Healthy Food and Recreation (Online Presentation - Prezis)

6. Digby Area Recreation Commission

Jean Brittain

Facility Access: The Right Thing to Do (Online Presentation - Prezis)

7. Ecology Action Centre

Janet Barlow

Municipalities and Active Transportation (PDF)

8. Ecology Action Centre

Marla MacLeod & Aimee Carson

Our Food: Reconnecting Food and Community (Online Presentation - Prezis)

9. Farmers' Markets of Nova Scotia

Keltie Butler

Stories of Food, Community & Change from Nova Scotia's Farmers' Markets

10. Health and Wellness

Amy MacDonald

Expanding Healthy Eating Policies in Publically Funded Institutions (PDF)

11. Health and Wellness

Lisa Tobin & Jennifer Heatley

Decreasing the Influence of Marketing to Children and Youth: An update (PDF)

12. Health and Wellness

Dawn Stegen & PAT Committee Members 

Active Transportation Policy Framework (PDF)

13. Health and Wellness

Natasha Warren

Marketing Physical Activity for Young People (PDF)

14. Health and Wellness

Robin Norrie

Thrive! Learn to Swim (PDF)

15. Health and Wellness

Tina Swinamer

International Marketing Standards and Local Breastfeeding Rates...What is the Connection? (PDF)

16. Health and Wellness

Amy MacDonald

Healthy Eating in Sport and Recreation (PDF)

17. Health and Wellness

Dawn Stegen,  Blaise Landry & Regional PA Coordinators

Physical Activity and the After School Time Period (YouTube)

18. Health and Wellness

Elaine Shelton & Wayne McKay

Municipal and Community Physical Activity Strategies (PDF)

19. Health and Wellness

Mike Hudson & Laura Macpherson

Nova Scotia Learn to Bike Project for Children and Youth (PDF)

20. Heart and Stroke Foundation

Catherine Droesbeck

How Policy can Contribute to Children and Youth Physical Activity Levels in the After School Time Period(PDF)

21. Lunenburg and Queens Baby Friendly Initiative Committee

Linda Wieser

Make Breastfeeding Your Business (PDF)

22. National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health

Karen Fish

Equity Tools to Assess and Influence Programs and Policies (PDF)

23. South Shore Health

Shelley Moran & Kari Barkhouse 

What Does it Take? Implementing a Healthy Food Policy in the Health Care Setting (PDF)

24. Sport Nova Scotia

Provincial Activation Group members

Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) - Provincial Plan (PDF)


Come Alive at Thrive! The Gallery Displays



The Gallery Display Title

1. Acadia University & Just Us! Centre for Small Farms

Chaiti Seth

Great Meals For a Change

2. Alliance for Healthy Eating and Physical Activity NS

Sherry Jarvis

Add it Up! Healthy Eating + Physical Activity = A+

3. Cape Breton University

John Hudec

Opening Access to Campus Recreation at Cape Breton University (PDF)

4. Capital Health

Valerie Blair, Nicole Druhan -McGinn & Heather Monahan

Our Community Food Security Picture: An Assessment of the Halifax Region (PDF)

5. Common Roots Urban Farm

Jayme Melrose, Sara Burgess & Leah Morris

Common Roots Urban Farm: A Grow Your Own Health project (PDF)

6. Community Links

Jan Boswell

Finding the Right Fit for Fitness

7. Community Transit Nova Scotia

Almon Chisholm & Derek Gillis

On the Road to Healthy Transportation

8. Council of Nova Scotia University Presidents

James Sanford & Working Group members

Work of the Better Health Outcomes Working Group (PDF)

9. Dalhousie University

Jessie Lee MacIsaac

Quality Daily Physical Education In Nova Scotia”

10. Doctors Nova Scotia

Kerry Copeland

Doctors Share lessons learned from 10 years of Kids' Run Club (PDF)

11. Eastern Counties Regional Library

Laura Emery & Cindy Lelliott

The Living Library Project (PDF)

12. Ecology Action Centre

Janet Barlow & Julian West

Active Transportation in Nova Scotia (PDF)

13. Ecology Action Centre

Stephanie Johnstone-Laurette & Caroline King

Ecology Action Centre's School Travel Planning: The Thrive Connection (PDF)

14. Education and Early Childhood Development

Bronwen Lloyd & Kristina Creamer

Promoting Health and Well-Being in Regulated Child Care Settings

15. Education and Early Childhood Development and Health and Wellness

Sarah Melanson & Susanne Landry

A Continuum of Supports for Nova Scotia Families (PDF)

16. Farmers' Markets of Nova Scotia Cooperative

Keltie Butler

The Taste of Community

17. FoodARC - Voices for Food Security in Nova Scotia

Nadia Pabani & Christine Johnson

Make Food Matter: A Strategy For Social & Policy Change To Achieve Community Food Security in NS (PDF)

18. Halifax Regional Municipality

Scott Penton

Stepping Up  - Making Physical Activity the Easy Choice

19. Health and Wellness

Rayna Preston & Janet Ivory

Evaluation of Thrive! (PDF)

20. Health and Wellness

Tina Swinamer

Community Breastfeeding Grants

21. Health and Wellness

Betty Ann Robinson

Baby Friendly Initiative in Nova Scotia (PDF)

22. Health and Wellness

Kimberley Hernandez

Food and Nutrition for School Aged Children and Youth

23. Health and Wellness

Helen Pitman & Sharon Young

Health Promoting Schools (PDF)

24. Health and Wellness and Sport Nova Scotia

Mike Hudson, Michelle Aucoin & Janessa Green

A Physical Literacy Journey (PDF)

25. IWK Health Centre

Brenda MacDonald & Edwena Kennedy

Thriving together at the IWK

26. Lunenburg and Queens Baby Friendly Initiative Committee

Susie Wood

South Shore Collaborative Breastfeeding Network

27. Municipal Affairs

Graham Fisher

Planning for a Healthy Community (PDF)

28. Municipality of the District of Lunenburg

Tracy Vandermolen

Active Living in the District of Lunenburg (PDF)

29. National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health

Karen Fish

Examples of Community Engagement for Equity-Enhancing Social Policy (PDF)

30. Native Council of Nova Scotia

Mary Louise Bernard, Shirley Denny, Megan Moody & Diane Warner

Child Help Initiative Program

31. Natural Resources

Gail Holman, Helen Smith & Pam Grace

Connecting people with nature through parks and protected areas

32. Nourish Nova Scotia

Margo Riebe-Butt, Janice Silver & Monica Rodriguez

Nourish Nova Scotia: A Health Promoting Approach to School Food Programming (PDF)

33. Nourish Nova Scotia

Margo Riebe-Butt, Janice Silver & Monica Rodriguez

Children, Food and the Future: Cultivating Generations of Healthy Eaters (PDF)

34. Pictou County Community Health Boards

Trecia Schell

Healthy Together! Pictou Co. 2014-19 Community Health Plan

35. Planning and Design Centre

Ross Soward

Switch Open Street Sundays (PDF)

36. South West Nova District Health Authority

Jane Cunningham & Denise Vacon

Healthy Eating In Municipal Settings - Digby County (PDF)

37. Sport Nova Scotia

Community Sport Development Coordinators

Community Sport Development

38. Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal

Elizabeth Pugh & Krise Jones

Paving Road Shoulders in Nova Scotia