Healthy Communities

Planning and building healthier communities.

The way our cities, towns, and communities are designed affects our health. Access to parks, trails and woodlands, space for community gardens, safe, efficient walking and cycling networks, and good public transit make it easier for people of all ages to be healthier.

Same sex couple walking with two childrenThrive! is helping establish policies and guidelines to guide decisions on designing and building healthier communities. Municipalities have jurisdiction over many aspects of land use, community planning, recreation, and transportation infrastructure. Many are working with district health authorities, school boards, other local governments, and community partners to plan and build healthier communities.

Whats happening

  • Increasing access to recreation facilities provides more children, youth and families to with the opportunity to enjoy activities like ice skating, swimming and more.
  • Developing a Statement of Provincial Interest to help guide municipalities in their planning for communities that support healthy eating and physical activity.
  • Developing an active transportation policy and plan to guide the provincial government and municipalities on design, planning, and funding active transportation infrastructure.
  • Adding active transportation to the criteria for assessing provincial road construction, including paved shoulders, and right-of-way widths.
  • Funding municipalities and Mi’kmaq communities through the Municipal and Mi’kmaq Physical Activity Leadership program to maximize opportunities for physical activity in the community.

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