Healthy Start

Supporting a healthy start for children and families.

The road to health begins long before we are born. The health and wellbeing of our parents, conditions during pregnancy, and opportunities as infants and young children are all factors that influence how our brain develops, our ability to learn, and our long-term health.

Sign for breastfeeding friendly areaThrive! is working to ensure families and health care professionals have access to information and tools that will support breastfeeding and promote good health from an early age.

What’s happening

  • Giving health care professionals tools like the World Health Organization growth charts to ensure consistency in monitoring healthy growth and help them talk to parents about the healthy development of their children.
  • Creating collaborative primary health care teams with doctors, nurse practitioners, and family practice nurses to support children and families in all aspects of health, even before conception, and direct them to other support in their communities.
  • Giving new parents resources like Loving Care, a series of books filled with information for the first three years of a child’s life. They are distributed by Public Health and available online. Support is also a phone call away through the 811 system.
  • Public Health are working with communities to encourage breastfeeding anytime and anywhere as a way to give infants the best start and protect against health problems later in life. The Nova Scotia Breastfeeding Policy and the Baby Friendly Initiative are helping communities to make change.
  • Giving grants to community groups and organizations to help change the culture so mothers feel free to breastfeed anywhere, whether it’s a rink or a shopping mall.

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