Skills & Knowledge

Equipping people with skills and knowledge for lifelong health.

As we work to change our environment and surroundings, we also need to support individuals to be more “health literate” – this means having the skills and knowledge to promote, maintain and improve their health and make informed decisions. Healthy literacy includes but is not limited to:

  • Food literacy: understanding the impact of food choices on health, the environment, and our communities; and having the skills to prepare food that contributes to good health.
  • Physical literacy: moving with competence and confidence in a wide variety of physical activities and environments to benefit healthy development of the whole person.

Children working in a community gardenThrive! includes actions to encourage free play and organized physical activity in child care, increase physical education and activity in schools and in our communities, and teach food skills and knowledge in schools and through community programming.

What’s happening

  • Supporting Health Promoting Schools, which helps create supportive environments for physical activity, healthy eating, and social and mental wellbeing for students and staff, as well as student achievement.
  • Encouraging schools to plant food gardens for students to better understand where their food comes from. Students also get hands on learning and more physical activity.
  • Working with the Nova Scotia Lifesaving Society and Red Cross to teach children to swim for safety and enjoyment of Nova Scotia’s pools, beaches, lakes and rivers, and to build physical literacy skills for a lifetime of fun in and out of the water.
  • Giving professional development for teachers, early childhood educators, coaches and recreation leaders on how to help children develop physical literacy and fundamental movement skills.
  • Exploring how a program might be developed to teach children how to bike safely, not only for recreation but also to encourage more active transportation.

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