Get Involved

How can you help change the environments where Nova Scotians live, work, learn, commute and play?

Put Thrive! on the agenda

People in decision-making positions have a great opportunity to change our environments to make them more supportive of healthy eating and physical activity. Municipal councilors, planners and recreation staff, school board members and staff, education professionals, health professionals, community health boards, and other community groups all have the ability to establish policies that steer Nova Scotians toward healthier food and activity choices.

If you serve in one of these capacities, put Thrive! on the agenda for your next meeting, share the strategy document, and explore resources for building healthy communities.

Start conversations

Cape Breton Regional Municipality council meetingYou don't have to be an expert to help Thrive! change our environments to help make healthy eating and physical activity the norm:

  • Talk to the decision makers in your community about making change.
  • Ask how you can contribute to policies that shift our culture in the right direction, such as a healthy food policy at the local arena.
  • Work with other parents on plans for children to walk and bike to school safely.
  • Explore and use resources for building healthy communities.

Inspire others with your success stories

If you are already doing something great to help create change in your community, let us know. Email us at thrive! and tell us:

  • What inspired you or your group to make changes?
  • What sorts of activities are you doing?
  • What sorts of policy changes have been made as a result of your efforts?
  • What are some of the benefits you’ve noticed?

We may feature your efforts on the Thrive! website, so others can be inspired by and learn from your example.

Take charge of your own healthy future

Thrive! is tackling the challenges at a policy level to create change for everyone. Lots of other organizations have fantastic information and tools to help if you want to make healthy changes in your own life or for your family.