New physical education curriculum in schools

November 20th 2014

The new physical education curriculum for grades primary to nine is currently being finalized for implementation in September 2015. It will help prepare young people with the knowledge and skills for lifelong physical activity, a vital part of good health.

The curriculum was developed by more than 32 professionals, including physical educators and consultants from each school board, university professors from physical, outdoor and psychology fields, specialty instructors, and subject matter practitioners. The learning outcomes are organized under three strands—Active Living, Skill and Movement Concepts, and Life Skills. Together, they help students develop physical literacy.

This progressive curriculum marks an exciting shift away from a sport focus to a holistic active living approach. It enables students to move with confidence and competence in a wide variety of physical activities and maintain motivation to make healthy, active choices in how they live, commute, work, learn and recreate throughout their lifespan.

In preparation for the roll out, 50 physical education teachers were introduced to the big ideas that shape the new curriculum in August at the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s annual professional development event, EDUfest. Other professional learning opportunities will support its implementation over the next few years.

Teachers can view the draft curriculum on the department’s EduPortal.