Cole Harbour Breakfast Program

Breakfast programs help students learn by ensuring they have an opportunity to eat well.

When can breakfast build a community? When it’s offered for all students and staff at Cole Harbour High School. The breakfast program provides a range of healthy, nutritious foods to help students get the right start to the day.

“Nutrition impacts upon your learning throughout the day,” says Principal Debbie Rowsell. “Most students arrive very, very early and the breakfast program provides the first nutrition they’ll have in their system for the day.”

Perhaps more importantly though, the breakfast program helps to build community within the school. Students get to have conversations with each other, and with their teachers before the day starts, to build those relationships.

As student Alexah Porrier says,

“It’s always a really positive environment. It’s really important for our school because everyone really loves it, enjoys it and gets along really well.”


It’s fuel for both the mind and body! For more information, visit