Brigadoon Camp

Helping young people understand health issues and get ready to take action.

It wasn’t a usual March Break for 40 teenagers. The youth from across the province gathered at Brigadoon Village near Kentville to explore a range of health issues – including healthy eating and physical activity.

“There’s a perception out there -- that is very true -- there are issues with youth and what they are eating and how much physical activity they are getting,” says Morris Green, the coordinator of Youth Health for the Department of Health and Wellness, who organized the camp. “We talked about that and about how they can improve their own health.”

But the camp wasn’t all talk. There were games, music and fine arts, cooking lessons and outdoor play. This Health Promotion Youth Corps project is one step among many to help build a community of youth across the province who are aware of health issues and who want to be involved in work to improve youth health in their communities.

“It sounds boring to go to youth health camp. But it’s not,” says Dylan Porter, a participant. “The camp has opened my eyes to help open other people’s eyes.”

Victoria Amero says she recommends other youth get involved. She says,

“The people you meet, the stories you hear, the things you learn… Sometimes it will make you want to make a change in the world, which is always a good thing.”