Training leaders to improve physical literacy among young children.

When you’re 3 ½ to 5 five years old, you want to move, roll and jump and see what your body can do. That’s what Tumblebugs is all about -- exploring basic movement and encouraging children to be active, creative and to develop social skills and self-esteem.

“If we can catch kids really young and instill a joy in movement,” says Mary Kikuchi, a master trainer with the program, “that’s what we’re trying to do.”

The program was designed for educators and leaders in early childhood settings, family resource centres, municipal recreation programs and organizations. Those with a background in early childhood care or education can take an affordable workshop and get started. And there’s a nifty gear kit to support learning. To keep children moving at home, tip sheets are available for parents.

“Tumblebugs was developed for use in community settings, for people with very little training,” Kikuchi says. “It doesn’t require a lot of equipment or a lot of knowledge and it can be run in a very small space.”

Gymnastics Nova Scotia leads the program. Learn more at http://www.gymns.ca/About%20GNS/tumblebugs.html